Safety Groups Petition For Ban On Transvaginal Mesh Products

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Consumer safety groups are petitioning the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ban transvaginal mesh or surgical mesh products. As a result of the harm caused by the mesh, many product liability suits have been filed against the makers of the medical device. The mesh is often used to repair pelvic organ prolapse (POP), a condition that affects millions of women in the U.S.

In most cases, POP has no symptoms and does not require any treatment. In limited situations, however, some women opt for either surgical or non-surgical treatment to correct the pelvic prolapse. Because POP occurs when another organ descends into the vagina, inserting transvaginal mesh prevents the descent by reinforcing the vaginal lining.

While used to treat POP, consumer groups and medical professionals have recently commented on the significant harm of transvaginal mesh. There is little information to support the claim that the mesh is effective in preventing and reversing POP and the mesh has serious, even life-threatening, side effects. “Surgical mesh in POP treatment procedures needlessly exposes patients to a wide array of serious risks, many of which can permanently alter women’s quality of life,” deputy director at Public Citizen’s Health Research Group said.

Harmful complications from the vaginal mesh have been widely reported, according to FDA reports. In just three years, the FDA received 1,503 letters and messages about complications following the transvaginal mesh surgery. Common complications included infections, incontinence, bleeding, pelvic pain and organ injury. In many cases, the vaginal lining was harmed and the mesh became exposed causing debilitating pain to the women who had the surgery.

If you’ve experienced a serious injury after transvaginal mesh surgery, contact a personal injury attorney knowledgeable on defective medical devices.

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